About Me

Joel CaseyJoel Casey was a successful morning radio disc jockey for 18 years. That opportunity allowed him to entertain and inspire tens of thousands of people.

Joel left radio when an inner urging called him to contact and work with motivational speaker, Tony Robbins. Joel produced promotional commercials for Tony and went on to become one of the top trainers and facilitators for Tony and his world-wide organization, Robbins Research International, for over five years.

Today, Joel enjoys sharing evolutionary insights with his writings, audio books, music and podcasts. He also enjoys working with his creative partner, Jami Lee Martin, creating radio shows and inspirational events designed to inspire and ignite their listeners’ and participants hearts.

Joel currently lives in Sedona, Arizona and considers himself a global citizen, happy to tour extensively appreciating the beauty of the world and the hearts of the people he meets as he shares his inspirations, music and messages.

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Radio on-air Personality
Movie Actor
Personal Development Trainer
Tour Guide

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