Rearranging the structure of Mind

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For this consideration, I would like to pose this insight that was inspired by Neville: There is only One Mind! That one Mind has an infinite number of perspectives from which we can individually experience life. Be it as a rich person, a poor one, a beggar or thief, each is operating from the same One Mind. Our present coScreen Shot 2016-03-22 at 2.40.05 PMncept of self, is the only difference in how life is experienced. The One Mind is no respecter of persons, and no one perspective is better or worse than another, they are just different arrangements–that’s all. Know it or not, we each get to choose how we experience life by how we are presently perceiving life. Each so-called mind is made up of the same substance as the One Mind. The only difference is how each mind is structured.
To see how this relates to ones’ particularized life experience, let’s take a single piece of iron, for our example, and cut it into two equal halves. Each half is made up of the exact same substance as the other. Now, let’s magnetize one of the pieces while the other half remains demagnetized. The two pieces of iron suddenly act differently. Why? The molecules, or structure, of the magnetized half, have been rearranged–its molecular structure has been changed and so it acts differently than the demagnetized half does. So it is with the structure or make-up of our mind as well. It too can be rearranged. How? In the next segment, we’ll discover that we can travel beyond the senses and the reasoning mind and consciously change our life experience.

Stay tuned!

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